Cape pupils up in arms over 'racist' hair policy at Malibu High

NF Shabalala

The ANC condemns the incident where some black Cape Town Malibu High School learners were suspended for having "untidy" hair on Friday 30 August 2019. It is reported that scores of pupils sang and chanted in protest against what they call "racist rule" after "black girls" were told that their "hair is outrageous" and that they "look like trees".

Pupils from grades 10 to 12 alleged they had been told by the principal that their "outrageous hair needed "to be kept in plaits or tied up". In a voice recording, the caretaker of the school,  is also heard telling the angry group of students that they had not been born with Afros. He went on to add that "only apes and bears were born with Afros". These words are, inflammatory, derogatory and smacks of racism. We call upon educators to be sensitive when dealing with matters of this nature, and to educate themselves regarding the heritage and identity of all our people.

I thank you