Brancken Twins

ML Dunjwa

As the ANC we would like to congratulate the Doctors, Nurses and administration staff of DORA NGINZA hospital in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape. These heroes and heroines gave a chance of life to the BRANCKEN Twins, who weighed 840 - 850g at birth, who were turned away by a private hospital and referred to Dora NGINZA because the private hospital felt it would be too expensive to treat them.

Dora NGINZA community opened its arms and admitted them to ICU. The twins celebrated their second birthday recently and the touching story was captured in the Herald of the 15/11/2014. Well done Dora NGINZA. Each and every SA citizen has a right to life. Life first and money later. Good things do happen in public health institutions despite the assertion by some that public health institutions are" hell on earth."