The ANC welcomes President Mugabe resignation

DD Raphuti

The ANC welcomes the official resignation of President Robert Mugabe, as the President of Zimbabwe, on Tuesday, 21 November 2017, to allow for the smooth transition of power in that country. The ANC commends the Zimbabwean people for demonstrating and remaining peaceful following the takeover of their country in a dramatic, bloodless week. And this peaceful resolution of Zimbabwean political crisis by Zimbabwean people vindicates the ANC, and proves once again the correctness of its political position that it advanced, that the people of Zimbabwe are able to find solutions to their political challenges without outside interference, as such they did just that without bloodshed, without damage to property.

The ANC believes that Mugabe's decision to resign paves and allows the way for a transitional process, owned and led by the sovereign people of Zimbabwe, giving them an opportunity to collectively attend to their social, economic, and political challenges. The ANC and the South African people are looking forward to the new the transitional leadership with confidence that it will restore Zimbabwe to her yester years' glory as a basket of Africa.

I thank you.