ANC welcomes appointment of Ministerial committee to investigate Foster Care orders

Mabilo SP

The growing demand for foster care placements over the years, and the limited resources to respond to the need, have prompted the Minister of Social Development to appoint a Ministerial committee to investigate how the backlog of foster care applications and lapsed foster care orders, can be addressed within the confines of the law. ANC welcomes the appointment of a ministerial committee to help address the challenges facing our foster care system. This will take into consideration the best interest of the children as demanded by the children`s Act.

This committee is expected to probe into problems in the foster care system and report back to the minister within 18 months on the strategies to be developed to improve the quality of the service. As ANC we are pleased that the Constitution of the Republic which states that "every child has the right to family care or parental care, or to appropriate alternative care when removed from the family environment", is been respected. The work this committee is undertaking is a significant contribution to realising this ideal.

I thank you