ANC sends condolences to countries affected by Cyclone Idai

A Masango

The African National Congress sends deepest condolences to the Governments of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe following the Tropical Cyclone Idai that left a trail of destruction in these neighbouring countries killing more than a thousand of people on Saturday 16 March 2019. Mozambique was the most affected of the three countries with more than thousand deaths reported. In Zimbabwe more than hundred people have died and more than two hundred missing in the east and south. Malawi was also badly hit with more than hundred people reported dead.

The ANC welcomes President Cyril Ramaphosa's deployment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to Mozambique to assist with recovery efforts after Cyclone Idai caused severe damage, knocking down pylons and affecting power supply to Eskom. The storm damaged a Mozambican transmission line to South Africa, cutting supplies by 900 MW. The disruptions were happening at a time when Eskom was experiencing challenges which has led to an increase in load shedding. We commend our government for the intervention which includes embassies and diplomats working with the three countries to assess the damage. The African National Congress appeals to South African NGOs, companies and individuals to make donations towards humanitarian aid for the people of Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique affected by Tropical Cyclone Idai.