ANC-KWANALOGA Caucus to seek Court interdict against the IFP in KWANALOGA

22 September 2004

The ANC caucus in KWANALOGA (KwaZulu-Natal Local Government
Association) is left with no option but to advise ANC led municipalities
in the province to seek court interdict to reject a one-day KWANALOGA
Special Provincial Council (SPGC) as null and void which took place at
Amanzimtoti Civic Centre today. The ANC contingent was forced to
walk-out subsequently when the IFP led by Mr GBJ Ndlela, KWANALOGA
Chairperson, disrespectful, illegal and unconstitutionally turned around
this meeting into being a Provincial General Council therefore
disregarding the KWANALOGA constitutional procedures.

This Special PGC was called to deal solely with the forthcoming SALGA
Conference scheduled for 26- 30 September 2004 in Cape Town. This
botched Special PGC was therefore intended to interact on key issues and
unbundled any shortcomings hindering on fast-tracking service delivery.
Such a shameful drama to place in the presence of Rev Smangaliso
Mkhatshwa, SALGA Chairperson who was suppose to brief this special PGC
with regard to an update on the SALGA conference discussion documents
and other relevant conference preparations. The IFP actions in this
meeting tends to perpetuate poverty, illiterace and under-development
which affects directly the disadvantaged communities in all our
municipalities across the province irrespective of their political

The IFP has resolved to take this destructive approach as a result of
its bitterness due to a severe blow it suffered through the recent floor
crossing results. The ANC has now taken over from the IFP Ndondakusuka,
Mtshezi, Ixopo municipalities and Ugu district as a result of the floor
crossing period. This has in turn made vacant the position of Mntomuhle
Khawula, the current Ugu district Mayor and therefore uncertain about
his future as Deputy Chairperson of KWANALOGA.

These recent unfortunate incidents are a cause for concern for the ANC
especially after the cold-blooded murder of councilor Chetty of Umtshezi
who defected to the ANC from the IFP. Our people cannot be held at
ransom as a result of party political mongering to cling into power
irrespective of political developments taking place in the country.

In this regard, the ANC led eThekwini, Msunduzi, Mgungundlovu, Mpofana,
Mngeni, Mshwati, Sisonke, Mdoni, Hibiscus Coast, Richmond, Kokstad,
Buhlebezwe and Mpendle municipalities will together seek a legal opinion
to investigate whether certain councilors have acted in the best
interest of these municipalities by participating in an illegal
gathering of the IFP in the pretext of attending an KWANALOGA meeting.

The ANC reiterates its commitment and is determined to push aside any
obstacle similar to the provincial uncertainty over the past ten years.
Our people cannot be held at ransom as they have suffered enough, they
want delivery now. The ANC led municipalities are determined to do
precisely that. We are therefore calling on the IFP to follow-suit or
suffer the wrath of our people. Thus, the ANC led eThekwini and
Msunduzi municipalities remain the main financial contributors of
KWANALOGA to enhance a better life for all our people in the province.
We continue advancing an integrated developmental approach and resist
any tendencies towards a sectarian developmental approach which
disadvantages our people.

Issued by: The ANC Kwanaloga Caucus