ANC Gauteng Caucus - On Cde VGM Mavuso Nomination

Issued by: African National Congress

3 March 1998

The walk out by the National Party during the motion on the appointment of the Public Service Commissioner for Gauteng is nothing short of downright racism. Having failed to defeat the motion in the House, they now want to forward a motion to the National Assembly to veto the appointment. They are still doomed to failure.

To set the record straight, the Constitution states clearly that `A Commissioner` nominated by the Premier must be recommended by a committee of the Provincial Legislature that is proportionally composed of members of all parties represented in the Legislature. In this case the Petitions Public Participation Committee did just that and ironically three members of the National Party sit in this committee. Messrs G. Wessels, A Kahn and Ms D. Mooloo agreed with the entire process including the recommendation to the House. There was absolute unanimity in the name of Mr. Mavuso.

What does this NP maneuver tell us, three black members of the NP are not trusted by their white party bosses to take decisions that are consistent with constitution and the Public Service Commission Act.

It is clear that their understanding of the Constitution and the Act is fobbed and smells of racism.

For more information please contact: Ms Lindiwe Zulu at (011) 498-5502 or 082 555 2054