ANC congratulates Sasco on its 100 percent victory in UWC SRC elections

The African National Congress congratulates the biggest student movement in Africa, the South African Student Congress on its 100 percent victory during the SRC elections that were held at the University of the Western Cape on Wednesday 9 October 2019. This landslide victory confirms that the students still have confidence in SASCO as the only reliable instrument to fight for free tertiary education. It sends an unequivocal message that students remain unwavering in their support for the Mass Democratic Movement and continue to have confidence in the Progressive Youth Alliance.

The ANC urges SASCO to continue being at the forefront of the struggle for fundamental change of tertiary education and serving the best interests of students. We hope that they will redouble their efforts to service the student population, remain grounded in their struggles and lead from the front in all matters affecting students. SASCO should remain at the forefront of the student issues. Theirs is always to advocate for the children of the poor and the working class.