The ANC Congratulates 594 Medical Graduates trained in Cuba

The ANC welcomes the 594 South African Medical Students who graduated from Cuba as part of Nelson Mandela/Fidel Castro Medical Collaboration Programme. As from 1997 to date, the programme has produced 2556 doctors, some of whom have become specialists. Annually, since 2018, it has been producing more than 600 doctors, a milestone that exceeds South Africa's local production of medical doctors.

The objective of the programme is in line with the ANC mandate of creating quality health for all, to alleviate the shortage of doctors in South Africa. The programme opened access to advanced training as medical practitioners for disadvantaged students who would otherwise not be admitted in most of the South African medical schools because of their socio-economic background. We believe that these medical doctors will help to address the challenges that continue to plague the country's healthcare system.