B Hadebe

The ANC strongly condemns a mob justice incident that claimed the lives of six people and injuries to five others at Plot 52 in the Zandspruit informal settlement on Wednesday 19th May 2021. It is reported that about 200 people rounded up “suspects” who were allegedly robbing people in the area. Nine males were forcefully taken to a sports field and assaulted and later doused with petrol and set alight.

While we acknowledge the frustration of community members due to high levels of crime, we can never approve vigilante attacks. The public should work together with the police and the Community Police Forums to address crime in their areas. People should not take the law into their own hands and being in conflict with the law.

The ANC welcomes the meeting of the Minister of Police and the Gauteng Community Safety MEC with the Zandspruit community leadership structures to discuss some of their concerns around policing. We also welcome the news that arrests were made in connection with this incident.