The ANC condemns the behaviour of Kwandengezi Pupils who burned the school after police seize cellphones and drugs

Mashele T

The ANC strongly condemns the burning of classrooms and vandalism that took place at a high school in KwaNdengezi in KwaZulu-Natal last week. 

The incident followed an operation by the police where cellphones, weapons and drugs were confiscated.  Shortly after police left, pupils turned on staff and began torching the premises. 

The ANC believes ill-discipline by learners including destruction of property is a serious threat to many gains made to improve the socio-economic conditions in the country. Schools should never be sites of violent conduct and drugs. 

The confiscation of cellphones, weapons and illegal substances is in line with the school's code of conduct. Our schools should be centres of excellence, not sites of violence and other antisocial and criminal behaviour. 

We call on parents/guardians and relatives to play their active role on matters of discipline to assist educators and schools to overcome misconduct, delinquency and violence by learners.