ANC Caucus Statement on Voting on ‘Scorpions Bills’

24 October 2008

The ANC Parliamentary Caucus rejects claims by the media, particularly the SABC, that the 20 ANC Members of Parliament whose votes were not recorded during the National Assembly vote on the South African Police Amendment and the NPA Amendment Bills “either abstained or stayed away”.

We wish to place on record that all ANC MPs present in the House cast their votes in favour of the two Bills as per the position of the organisation and the wishes of ordinary South Africans whose views were sought during public hearings on the Bills. The 20 MPs in question were not present in the House due to unavoidable circumstances, such as poor health, family bereavements or Ministerial commitments. Apologies were made to this effect and were accepted by the Chief Whip.

This clarification was made in advance to the members of the media during yesterday’s media briefing. It is sad that certain journalists elected to ignore it in pursuit of sheer sensationalism.

Issued by the ANC Parliamentary Caucus

Contact Khotso Khumalo (ANC Caucus Spokesperson) 072 307 7007