ANC Caucus Statement on Voter Registration

7 October 2008

The ANC Parliamentary Caucus urges all South African citizens to take advantage of the opening of the voter registration centers on the 8-9 November to register to participate in the 2009 general elections. Those who will be voting for the first time or have moved residence since the last time they voted are required to register in the area in which they intend to vote. This is to ensure that names of voters appear on the voter’s roll of the voting stations at which they will be voting.

Caucus particularly urges millions of our youth, particularly those that have reached the voting age since the last elections to turn out for registration in their numbers. Participation in the elections is crucial as it places people at the centre of decision making regarding the future of their country and the direction it must take. It also affords all an opportunity to effect a fundamental change in the material conditions of their lives by deciding on leadership that best represents their aspirations and interests.

In South Africa, participation in the elections is a constitutional right for which many gave the highest sacrifice during many years of the struggle against the twin evils of colonialism and apartheid. Thousands of our young people such as Tsietsi Mashinini, Ashley Kriel, Solomon Mahlangu and Steve Biko are today unable to enjoy the fruits of freedom because they paid with their lives to ensure that millions of our people today exercise their right to decide on who governs them. Youth have a responsibility and opportunity today to protect, safeguard and deepen their country’s democratic gains achieved in the last 15 years.

Issued by the ANC Parliamentary Caucus

Contact: Khotso Khumalo (Spokesperson) 072 307 7007