ANC Caucus On Fake Ulundi Leaflet

Issued by: African National Congress

10 September 1998

The ANC KwaZulu Natal Provincial Caucus met today in Pietermaritzburg. Among the issues discussed was a fake hand-written leaflet purpoted to be coming from the ANC announcing the launch of the ANC branch at Ulundi on the 12th of September 1998. Names of members of the Parliamentary staff are mentioned in this leaflet. The ANC wishes to clarify that this malicious fake leaflet does not come from the ANC. The day the ANC wants to form a branch at Ulundi, the ANC will publicly announce it. However, the ANC wishes to reiterate its position that there can be no `no-go`areas for the ANC and any other party in KwaZulu Natal.

This confirms that at Ulundi there are still sinister forces who still regard the ANC as a banned organisation. The ANC fears that this sinister leaflet is aimed at purging by killing all people suspected to be ANC members or supporters. This must be seen within the context of the murder of ANC members prior to the 1994 elections at Ulundi and the subsequent killing of Prince Petros Zulu whose murder was preceded by malicious leaflets naming the prince as an ANC member. The ANC calls upon the police to investigate this matter with urgency.

Issued by the ANC KwaZulu Natal Caucus.

For further info, contact Dumisani Makhaye at 082 551 9192