ANC calls for urgent lowering of the cost of data

H Maxhegwana

The African National Congress, a movement of the people, is deeply concerned about the negative impact that the high cost of data services has on ordinary South Africans, especially workers, youth, students and women. We believe that as a result of the high cost of data, the majority of South Africans are unable to enjoy the benefits of the digital economy, and furthermore growth and development of small businesses is stifled.

We share the view that lowering the cost of data is a catalyst for economic growth, as it will unlock economic opportunities and thus contribute to economic growth and job creation.

We therefore encourage Government to take urgent steps to ensure full implementation of all policies and regulations in support of the #DataMustFall campaign, working together with the Regulator (ICASA) and all mobile operators in our country.

The ANC is encouraged by some operators who have taken the first step to lower data prices since the popular call for lowing data costs. However, this is not enough. We therefore make a clarion call for all mobile operators to demonstrate goodwill and lower data prices.

I thank you