Abused Women and Children get Safe Haven

Two months ago, President Ramaphosa promised as part of the intervention in fighting Gender based violence, the government will take care, support and assist in healing the victims. The ANC understands that the newly opened White Door Centre in Kuruman is a direct response to this commitment. The White Door Centre of Hope in Seoding Village in Kuruman, Northern Cape provides a 24-hour response and safe space for victims and survivors of gender based violence. It will take in and offer psychosocial support to approximately eight victims of GBV crimes such as domestic abuse, sexual abuse and human trafficking. Currently it has two social workers and a house -mother.

This is an immediate contact centre, which gives victims of GBV access to counselling, a temporary safe haven from an abuser and, if necessary, facilitates a safe place for victims of GBV. This facility is based within the community, and women will have the right to contact the social workers at any given time as it's a place for any women and children. Victims of GBV will be referred to police, doctors, psychologists, priests and given all the necessary help. This intervention follows the President's announcement recently that government had found an additional R500m to fight gender-based violence, raising the GBV emergency fund he announced in September 2019, to R1.6bn.