5000 new police trainees to boost capacity

A Tuck

The ANC is committed at strengthening police visibility in our communities by increasing the number of police men and women in order to ensure that South Africans  are able to  walk the streets and go to work without fear. The ANC therefore welcomes the 5 000 police trainees joining the ranks of the South African Police Service, which will assist a great deal in increasing the Police Service operational capacity, especially at strengthening frontline policing.

Of the 5 000 trainees, 1 580 are female and 3 420 are male. The ANC is confident that the training of these police trainees in investigation will assist in improving the success rate in arresting and prosecuting of criminals. We remain resolute that  the NDP 2030 vision, which envisages that people living in South Africa feel safe at home, at school and at work, and enjoy a community life free of fear, will be realized.

I thank you