A Former Hawks Policemenan jailed for 15 years for stealing Guns and Posession of Ammunition

Seabi AM

The ANC welcomes the 15 year sentence given to a former Hawks policeman Warrant Officer Daniel Reynecke on Wednesday 31 August 2022, for stealing confiscated guns and possession of ammunition and explosives. 

Magistrate Anand Maharaj found the 64-year-old Reynecke, guilty of a string of offences related to the theft of firearms from police custody and possession of ammunition.

The behaviour of police who are involved in corruption is a disgrace. This incident confirms the strongly held view of the prevalence of corruption within the police service. We call on the government to continue cracking down hard on corruption within the police service. 

Members of society look to law enforcement to assist and protect them. They expect them to be persons of integrity and beyond reproach. This reprehensible behaviour by Warrant Officer Daniel Reynecke goes against the ethos of the police to serve and protect people. 

We hope this sentence would serve as a deterrent to police officers contemplating similar conduct.